Amarillo Woman Seeks to Make Difference Through Coloring Books

AMARILLO - An Amarillo woman is using art, writing and faith to help others.
Debbie Hannah Skinner, a local artist and author, is using elements of art and scripture to make coloring books.
Skinner says she basically doodled her way through college and eventually decided to use her art to make a difference.
Skinner says she teaches a bible study and that her inspiration ultimately comes from her faith.
According to her, coloring books are different from others because of the element of scripture she incorporates.
"I think of it like eating a piece of chocolate," Skinner says. "You can either just put it in your mouth and gobble it down or you can put it in there and just kind of let it melt in your mouth slowly, and really savor the different flavors that are there, and this book is intended to help people do that with scripture."
According to Skinner, people across the country have gotten in touch with her to tell her that her coloring books have helped relieve stress and bring a sense of calm to their lives.
While the books have relieved stress according to some, Skinner says she also hopes the coloring books with scripture can help people meditate on the Bible.
"What I hope that people will get from this, is in this world it's so crazy just to find some peace and calm through savoring scripture through this coloring book," Skinner says.
She has one coloring book available on, called Soul Soothing Scriptures.
Skinner says she plans to have another book available this summer.
To buy Soul Soothing Scriptures, visit

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