Amarillo Police Warn Residents of Car Thefts

AMARILLO -- Amarillo Police are reminding residents to lock their vehicles.

Amarillo Police were called out at 4:15 a.m. to a report of cars being broken into in south Amarillo. 

The resident reported seeing two people breaking into cars. Officers arrived and confirmed that some cars had been entered and items stolen. The officers could see tracks in the snow showing that the two suspects had walked back and forth across the street, looking into what one officer said was “every car on the street.” The officers that responded to the calls saw personal items like cell phones and wallets in some of the unlocked cars that the suspects approached.If you live on Rutson, Langtry, Huntington, 35th, or 37th, your car may have had some unwanted attention last night. 

Last week, the APD responded to calls of 43 cars being entered and property taken…all over the city, but mostly spread over south and west Amarillo. 

Victims reported auto burglaries on Tyler, Polk, Hawthorne, SW 28th, Lynette, Virginia, Blackburn, Oregon, Whittier, Farrell, Sandie, Brennan, Estacado, Syracuse, Bayswater, and many other streets. 

Police want to remind you to take all of your belongings when you park your car, night or day, even if you are going to be away from the car for only a short time. No matter how cold it gets, the thieves are out looking.

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