Amarillo Police Looking For Multiple Suspects in Robbery

- AMARILLO -- On July 17, a motorist in a recreational vehicle stopped at the Pilot Truck Stop at 715 Lakeside. The driver made a purchase and was returning to his vehicle when the suspect approached him and asked for assistance with a mechanical problem on a truck supposedly parked on the back lot of the business. 
The victim followed the suspect between two trucks parked behind the Pilot. The victim saw three or four people crouched down at the rear of the truck. They appeared to be playing cards or dice. They asked him if he wanted to play. The victim became suspicious and started to back away from the group. The men grabbed him by the arms and around his neck. They forced him against the side of a truck trailer. One covered his mouth with his hand and told him not to call for help. The victim felt one of the men press what he believed was a handgun against his head. They took cash and a wallet from his pocket. They then ran south from the truck stop toward a motel parking lot. 
The suspects dropped the wallet as they ran. The victim saw two of them get into a vehicle described as a black Lincoln Navigator. It appeared to have been parked, waiting for the suspects, at the front of the motel. The vehicle had out of state tags, possibly from Nevada or Florida. 
A truck driver witnessed the robbery.
If anyone has information about this robbery, call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at (806) 374-4400 or submit a tip on-line at

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