Amarillo Police Investigating Early Morning Auto Burglaries

AMARILLO -- Yesterday between 7:00 and 8:00 AM, Amarillo Police investigating two auto burglaries that happened at day care centers in south Amarillo

In each case, the suspect broke out a window to steal a purse that was left in the seat or floorboard. 

This type of targeting of vehicles has happened before. The criminal may drive by a day care facility, or even park his or her car and watch the parking lot, waiting for someone to drop off a child.  Criminals know that the driver intends to be inside for a short time, and is carrying the child and other items, so their purse is left in the car.  The auto burglar can easily break out a window and steal a purse before the person returns to the car. Locked car doors did not prevent this crime; the suspect broke out windows to get into the cars. Cell phones, credit cards, and identifying documents commonly found in a purse were stolen.  

The APD suggests that you take your purse with you whenever you leave your vehicle, even for a short time. If you have to make a stop before getting to another destination, consider placing it in the trunk before you leave home and taking it out when you get to your destination.   

If you see a vehicle that looks like it is prowling around a day care or other parking lot rather than just looking for a place to park, call the Amarillo Police Department at 378-3038. 

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