Amarillo Police Investigate Domestic Dispute

AMARILLO -- Amarillo Police responded to a domestic dispute tuesday at  1:43 p.m. in the 1900 block of N. Spring.

Officers were advised that a female on scene was breaking windows out of cars and pouring gas on one vehicle in an attempt to set it on fire. As officers arrived on scene, they were advised that the female was now armed with a pistol and that shots had been fired. 

The boyfriend told police that his girlfriend was breaking windows and is now armed with a gun and was in the garage. 

Officers secured the scene and began talking to the woman in the garage. The female was telling the officers they were going to have to shoot her. She eventually came out of the garage still armed with a semi-auto pistol. 

After repeated and numerous commands the female finally dropped the pistol but continued telling officers to shoot her. Officers could see the woman was bleeding profusely from her arms and wrist. The female continued making movements back towards where the gun was dropped but eventually stopped and laid on the ground per officers commands. 

The female was eventually taken into custody and treated for her injuries. 

Officers located two vehicles on scene that had several windows broken out and other damage. Neither car was actually set on fire, only gasoline poured over them. 

The female was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment and was later admitted for evaluation. 

The pistol and shell casings were recovered. 

No one was injured at the scene. No arrests have been made at this time and the investigation remains ongoing.

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