Amarillo Police Department Warn of Scam Targeting Elderly

AMARILLO -- The Amarillo Police Department is warning everyone about phone calls being made where people are being intimidated by some unknown caller that their grandchild has been arrested.

The person calls a grandparent and reportedly identifies their grandchild by name. The caller claims that they are the Amarillo Police Department and that their grandchild has been arrested for a narcotic violation, passed the drug test, but still needed money to bond them out of jail. The caller advises that someone will be by to pick up the bail money shortly. 

In the calls that have been received the caller ID shows an “Unknown Caller”. The Amarillo Police Department does not call people to make arrangements to pick up bond money. Even though Caller ID can be manipulated through electronic means don’t get caught in a potential scam. 

If you ever receive a call from someone saying they are with Law Enforcement, get their name and phone number, then look up a phone number yourself and contact the alleged agency that contacted you to verify the person’s identity. Fortunately in the cases today no one lost any money. 

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