Amarillo Police Arrest Suspect Fleeing on Bicycle for Multiple Charges


AMARILLO -- Late Friday night, an Amarillo Police Officer watched 31-year-old Joe Anthony Uvalle ride a bicycle away from a closed business in the 700 block of N. Eastern. 

The officers tried to stop the man in the 4500 block of Amarillo Blvd. East but Uvalle ignored the officers, driving past them and continuing out into a field in the 4500 block of Amarillo Blvd. East. 

The officers followed Uvalle in the squad car.

The suspect's bicycle hit a barbed wire fence.  Officers said that the man flipped over the handlebars when the bicycle came to a stop.  The man then continued his flight on foot. Uvalle was not injured.

Officers eventually caught up to Uvalle and had to use a TASER on him to get him into custody.

Police say Uvalle had a small tin box that contained prescription pills beside the bicycle and a marijuana-smoking pipe in his pocket. 

A warrants check showed that he has multiple warrants from Potter and Randall County:

  • for possession of a controlled substance,

  • for injury to a child,

  • for bond forfeiture related to failure to comply with sex offender registration law,  and

  • charging assault on a family member/with prior conviction. 

He was booked into the Potter Co. Detention Center on:

  • the warrant charges,

  • along with possession of a dangerous drug,

  • evading arrest on foot,

  • failure to identify,

  • and possession of drug paraphernalia.  

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