Amarillo Physicians First in Texas to Implant New Pacemaker


Dr. Coty Jewell of Cardiology Center of Amarillo and Dr. Prakash Desai of the Amarillo Heart Group  implanted a leadless pacemaker into a patient at the Heart Hospital at Northwest Texas on Wednesday.

The pair became the first physicians in Texas to implant one of these pacemakers, with their first patient in the end of February. 

The Nanostim leadless pacemaker is the first retreivable, non-surgical pacing technology. It was developed for patients with bradycardia, a heart that is too slow. This pacemaker offer physicians a less invasive approach than a traditional pacemaker, which requires more extensive surgery.

"The Nanostim leadless pacemaker is less than 10 percent the size of conventional pacemakers and is the least invasive pacing technology available today.  The small size of the device and lack of a surgical pocket, coupled with the exclusion of a lead, improves patient comfort and can reduce complications, including device pocket related infection and lead failure," Dr. Coty Jewell with Cardiology Center of Amarillo said.

According to Jewell, this new technology will benefit a wide range of patients.

"You know a young lady or someone who needs a pacemaker doesn't have to have a scar or a device that shows....And the very elderly, the very sick patients that need a single chamber device, we're able to eliminate a lot of the risks," Dr. Jewell said. 

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