Amarillo Habitat For Humanity Builds 100th Home


Back in 1985, Amarillo Habitat for Humanity built their first home. Almost 30 years later, the organization is now working on their 100th home.

Volunteer Coordinator of Amarillo Habitat for Humanity Tamara Clemans says "It's very exciting. You get to know the families they're building their homes and they help build each other's homes and they all become a community. They're all neighbors and it's just a great feeling."

But the story goes even further. Not only is this the 100th home, but an organization that helped build the first is now contributing to this milestone.

Clemans says "Actually, this organization that's here today was one of our very first volunteer groups. And they're here now for our 100th build. So it's kind of come full circle."

The American Jewish Society for Service, or A-J-S-S, is an organization dedicated to building Jewish leaders through service opportunities in communities in need across the country.

AJSS Director of Marketing and Outreach Lauren Reisig says "In our 64 year history, we have held projects in over 160 communities in 48 states. And we just go around and we help wherever we can. In the case of Amarillo, it's helping with Habitat.

This is the third time that the AJSS has worked with Amarillo Habitat for Humanity. The last time was in 2009. Shoshana Trager and Anna Rothstein were just 16-years-old and participants with the program. They have both returned to help the Amarillo community, but this time as staff members of AJSS.

AJSS Staff Member Shoshana Trager says "We both got involved in 2009 when we were 16-years-old. We were participants in the program. We actually were living in Amarillo for our six weeks building houses. We actually worked on this lot. We helped build the first house on this lot and we're back doing the last house."

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