Amarillo Bi-City County Health District Expands TB Tests to All of Fannin Middle School

UPDATE 4:30 P.M. -- There has been 2 rounds of testing with 250 students tested. 37 students tested positive to some sort of exposure to TB.

Testing for everyone will start next Tuesday except those already tested..

The 37 exposed are going through the process of examinations and chest x-rays.

Amarillo ISD is not sending consent forms home with kids but parents can contact the Amarillo Health Department if they do not want their kids tested.

Officials say the original case is fully recovered.

AMARILLO -- Amarillo ISD and the Amarillo Bi-City County Health District are expanding TB to all students, faculty, and staff not previously tested at Fannin Middle School. 

Officials say that 
follow up testing revealed a higher than expected number of positive TB skin tests.

The Department of Public Health and the Texas Department of State Health Services has decided that the best course of action is to expand testing to the entire Fannin campus for the purpose of identifying any potential TB exposure.

A positive TB skin test only indicates a person has been exposed to TB bacteria. It does not tell whether the person has latent TB infection (LTBI) or has progressed to active TB disease. Other tests and medical evaluation are necessary. Parents should remember that both active and latent cases of TB are both treatable and curable with medicine. All testing and treatment is provided at no cost to the families.

Once test results are reviewed, anyone testing positive for TB will then be evaluated to determine if they have an active form of the disease. The health department is coordinating further testing and treatment at no cost.

A meeting for parents will be held at Fannin Middle School at 6:30 this evening. Public Health and school officials will be on hand to give an update and answer any concerns parents may have. Parents and staff may also call the City of Amarillo Department of Public Health at (806) 378-6300.

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