Amarillo Animal Control Investigation

Amarillo Police are investigating two Animal Control Employees who are currently on leave.

That's according to a city spokeswoman.

The Animal Control Board had a meeting today, and it was packed.

But there wasn't anything on the agenda about the two employees.

The city says two employees are on administrative leave, and a police investigation has been going on for about two weeks.

Several members of the board were at the meeting, but did not talk about the controversy surrounding the Animal Control Department.

As far as why and exactly who is on administrative leave, the city is not saying.

As we said, there was nothing on the agenda for today's meeting about Amarillo Animal Control, but there were some public concerns brought to the table.

Now, these issues are ranging from money, to animal safety, all the way to workplace cleanliness.

To be clear, the city has not commented on any of these allegations.

The city spokeswoman tells us she does not know who the two employees put on leave are, but she tells us Amarillo Police are continuing to investigate.

Amarillo Animal Control aims to keep stray animals healthy and safe.

They tell us they impound unwanted animals, help sick animals,  provide after hour emergency services and even investigate animal cruelty and welfare cases.

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