Alcohol Soon to be Sold in Clarendon

Clarendon residents will soon not have to leave town to buy alcohol. 

In October of 2013, allowing the sell of alcohol in Donley County was a hot topic.

But on November 5, voters passed an alcohol ordinance allowing businesses to alcohol.

Mayor Larry Hicks says he agrees with voters.

"I just think as a whole i think it will be a positive thing. I don't really see very many negatives," he says.

City alderman also unanimously approved the measure, and set rules and limits on where and how alcohol will be sold inside city limits.

Hicks says, "it only applies to the properties that connect  on the side of 287 going through town."

He tells us it also applies on Highway 70 going north through city limits, and of course in the business district.

Since then, city hall officials tell us they've signed five applications for beer and wine sales.

We asked the mayor what he thinks of the local economic impact it will have on the small town.

He tells us, "I've spoken with a few other cities who have recently gone through similar situations,k and it seems like it's not that great what the city will receieve  from it.  We will gain some,but not a lot."

As far as when the businesses will be stocked, Hicks says it usually takes about 40 days to be approved once the application is submitted.

Sales of alcohol are prohibited in Clarendon within three hundred feet of churches, schools and day cares.

The ordinance also prohibits individuals from possessing or consuming alcohol on public parks, ball fields, or any property owned by Clarendon ISD.

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