Alcohol in Fritch?

- FRITCH -- Lake Meredith's water hasn't been pumped for drinking use for a couple years now, but the neighboring town of Fritch may soon be able to wet it's whistle with something a little stronger.

The Fritch City Council approved an option last night that will put alcohol sales on the city ballot in November. If approved the option would allow for all types of alcohol sales, which includes beer, wine, and the sale of hard liquor within Fritch city limits.

This comes after residents in town started a petition and raised the 88 signatures necessary.

But Fritch has been here before, fairly recently. The town received enough signatures to get the option on the ballot in an election earlier this year. However that petition was thrown out at the state level, due to an error in the wording of the document.

According to Chief Leggett, this is the first time alcohol sales have been on the ballot in Fritch.

Residents can vote on the proposal on November 4th.

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