Alcohol Could Be on the Ballot in November for Canyon

CANYON -- Selling alcohol in Canyon is one step closer to being on November's ballot.

The two applications were for local option election petitions.

One application was for the legal sale of mixed drinks in restaurants and the other for the legal sale of beer and wine for off-premise consumption only. Meaning people can go into a gas station and buy beer and wine, but must take it home to drink.

City officials received the two applications this afternoon from a group of ten people who make up "The Cash For Canyon Committee"

Canyon City Secretary, Gretchen Mercer says the city had to get at least ten signatures to certify the application and they did.

The next step is to get 1,002 signatures before it can be on the ballot for the November elections.
In order for these items to go on the November ballot, Mercer says signatures need to be turned in no later than July 26.

Both city officials tell us they believe they'll exceed the 1,000 signatures to get the items on the ballot. However, when it comes to November elections it could go either way and it's all about voter turnout.

Criswell wants to remind people that canyon is not a "dry" town.

There are at least three private clubs in city limits where members can drink alcohol.

We contacted someone from "The Cash for Canyon Committee" and they declined to comment at this time.

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