- AMARILLO --  The AISD Board of Directors hosted a public meeting today to discuss the district's finances, among other things.
    Members discussed the district's Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas, or "first".
    The FIRST rating is a grading scale the state uses to check on each school district's financial status.
    Amarillo scored the highest rating possible.
Les Hoyt, AISD Chief Financal Officer "AISD recieved a superior rating, and we've received a superior rating every year that the first rating has been around, so we're very proud that tonight the first rating and the audit have come back very good."
    Members also discussed the possibility of adding a new math course to the high school curriculum that officials say students will apply in real world situations.
    District Status Summary all schools in Texas: http://tuna.tea.state.tx.us/First/forms/Main.aspx

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