AISD Soars in Latest Accountability Ratings

- AMARILLO -- Every Amarillo Independent School District (AISD) campus meets the standards for academic performance.

    Accountability ratings released Friday by the Texas Education Agency show all 52 AISD campuses meet the minimum standards required by the state.

    That's a little better than last year when one campus, Humphrey's Highland elementary, was designated as needing improvement.

    School district officials are ecstatic over the ratings.  With good reason.

    Not only did the district and every campus meet the minimum standards, they outperformed the region and the state in almost every category.

    Amarillo students scored better on STAAR and end of course exams than the rest of the state in 8 of 9 subjects.  Math and science remain their strongest.

    The one subject students failed to top the rest of the state is U.S. history.

    Overall, district officials are happy with the numbers but, say continued improvement is what they strive for.

    AISD communications director Holly Shelton says individual instruction played a big role in the improvement.  "It's definitely not one thing that, a program or whatever that's made a difference.  It's really a result of teachers in the classroom working with students individually and helping them from year to year, grow."  Shelton said.
        Shelton says the improving graduation rate is one of their shining improvements.

    Since 2009, the district has raised its on-time graduation rate by 15%.  It's now up to 90%.

    The statewide four year graduation rate is 88%.

    Every campus in every school district in the Amarillo metro area, Canyon, Bushland, Highland Park and River Road, met the required standards except one.

    River Road's Rolling Hills elementary is the only one rated as needing improvement.

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