AISD Bond Progress


In May of 2013, a 99-and-a-half million dollar bond proposal passed to help the school district deal with the growth in number of students.

AISD Communications Director Holly Shelton says "We started working shortly there after to start putting these projects out for bid and certainly construction began. And we're wrapping up several of phases of the project right now."

According to Shelton, about 60 percent of the projects are complete and ready for the start of the upcoming school year.

Shelton says "We've got our secured entries ready to go. We've got more than a dozen classroom additions that will be ready to go. so as kids hit the schools here in about a week -- week and a half -- at a lot of schools, there will be new things to see."

The schools that will see those classroom additions are Mesa Verde, Rogers, Eastridge and Hamlet. And while some projects are wrapping up, there are still some in the works.

Shelton says "Right now, some of the projects are existing but won't be ready until the winter of the following school year.  That includes four schools that have classroom additions that are underway right now. A lot of people might see, off of I-40, Tascosa High School which has a nice addition going in. So those will be ready, hopefully, in winter.

AISD is working on two new sixth grade campuses. Shelton says they'll both be ready by the 2015-2016 school year. While not every school will see construction, Shelton did say that all campuses will benefit in some form or fashion.

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