AISD Bakes Up Big Change for Cafeterias

- AMARILLO - The Amarillo Independent School District is baking up a big change for its cafeterias.

The district will soon open the doors to a full service bakery.

"What we decided is, with just a look at trying to get more products produced in-house, this was a great opportunity for us to have a central bakery where we can produce all our own in-house breads and have them go to the locations   you know, fresh every day to all our schools," Brent Hoover, AISD Dining Services Director said. 

AISD started work on this project about two years ago. According to Hoover, it should save the district $45,000 a year, compared to bringing all the bread in from outside sources.

The new bake shop should start rolling out bread products next week.The 2500 square foot facility will be a full service bakery producing bread for all 53 sites.

As for bake shop manager, Jessie Oden, she's ready.

"I used to work for a bakery, an artisan bakery, and the lady taught me lots of great stuff.  We were over there yesterday and it's, it is exciting.  It's a great priviledge to have the opportunity," Ogden said. 

The opportunity to bake for thousands, and change the way AISD feeds its students.

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