Aguilar Gets Prison Time For 1992 Murder Case


Published 05/06 2014 04:20PM

Updated 05/06 2014 04:26PM

Mug Shot: Jose Luis Aguilar
Mug Shot: Jose Luis Aguilar
LUBBOCK -- On Tuesday a jury in Hale County found Jose Luis Aguilar guilty of a 1992 murder case.  A few hours later Aguilar, 41, was sentenced to 28 years in prison.  

Aguilar was charged with shooting and killing Guadalupe Fraire who was 27 at the time. 

Aguilar raised a self-defense claim – saying he shot Fraire after he felt threatened. Aguilar said Fraire had threatened to beat him up; so, he shot Fraire three times at a rodeo arena in Plainview. 

Aguilar was found in Denver, Colorado after 21 years on the run.   

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