Additions to Palo Duro Canyon


"It has been talked about over the years, but this year it's going to become a reality."

Park Superintendent Cory Evans says in November, construction will begin on the first phase of adding brides to three water crossings at Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

Evans says they held a public discussion on the topic, and he says many of the people who came were in favor of the new bridges.

"It stops the flow of traffic through the park.  With the bridges in those key areas, I think it would definitely be a benefit to everybody "

Evans says people who didn't support the plan were worried about what the bridges would do to the overall appearance of the park. "I like it the way it is.  When we were little and we would camp here, we would drive through and put our arms out the window and get wet and that was just part of the neatness of coming here.  We'd always play in the water."

Evans says recently they had flooding through all 6 water crossings at the park.

He says not only is it an inconvenience to park goers, but it can also be a safety hazard.

Evans says, "our big issues are visitors getting stuck in the campsites.  We're not able to get to them in a reasonable fashion.  It takes a long time to clear all of the mud and debris off of those crossings.  That's what we're really concerned about, getting into those folks in a timely manner."

He tells us TxDOT will be picking up the tab for the more than 3 million dollar project, through the state park road fund.

Evans says there is potential funding down the road for 3 additional bridges, which will make for bridges at every crossing of the park.

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