ACE Program Gives Away Car to Palo Duro High School Student

It's the opportunity to win a car.

Thanks to auto sales and finance, senior ACE program students have had that opportunity for two years.

The catch, the students who applied for the car had to write an essay about why they need it.

Justin Phommachanh was awarded this Toyota Carolla today.

Officials who picked Phommachanh say he was chosen because of what he plans to do once he gets the car.

He says he now doesn't need a ride to go to the several organizations and charities he volunteers for.

Phommachanh says he the car will also be a big help when commuting to Amarillo College.

"With that essay, I just wanted to put my heart and soul into it," says Phommachanh, "when it comes to something like this, it's an opportunity and you want to take it."

The car isn't completely free, the family still has to pay a base tax on the car, that could end up being several hundred dollars.

Officials say they wouldn't let something like that keep him from being able to keep his new ride.

Phommachanh says his parents had no idea he had entered himself in the contest and that they are in for quite a shock.

A few of the organizations Phommachanh helps out include faith city mission, and the salvation army.

He also tells us he is going to be driving his friends around in his new car to return the favor from the many times he has gotten a ride from them.

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