AC Teaming Up with UNT?

Amarillo College is in talks to team up with the University of North Texas for easier transfer of credits.

The move could save students money, and time.

The chairman of the AC Business Department Bruce Moseley tells us, they met with UNT officials about creating ways for AC students to get more credit hours that would be transferable to the University of North Texas. 

Right now he says it takes 60 credit hours to graduate from AC with an Associate's Degree.

Bruce Moseley says, "it would be 84 transfer credits from Amarillo College.  And this would take some policy change at North Texas for them to take 36 hours of their own to get a Bachelor's Degree.  I mean, that will be pretty incredible."

Moseley says this would save students a lot out of pocket for tuition. 

Another part of the plan would allow students who already have an Associate of Applied Science Degree to take additional classes at UNT to get a four year degree.

Moseley tells us, "the coolest thing about it, it's going to create all kinds of possibilities and opportunities for students who start at AC to get to UNT, whether they go to Denton or they do it all online."

He says the schools are also working on a contract for AC credits that would eventually count toward Master's Degree programs at UNT.  

Moseley tells us several schools have similar agreements with AC.

He says, "now North Texas is coming in with, what sounds to be from the first stages, really aggressive, like we want AC students."

Moseley tells us one of those schools is Eastern New Mexico University, and it has created many opportunities for past and current students. 

Moseley tells us about 3 quarters of AXC transfer students head over to WT, which he thinks is great, but he says it's always nice to give them more choices

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