A Scam on an Elderly Amarillo Woman

It's a scam that started more than 1,000 away, but ended right here in Amarillo.

"We have people in Amarillo that I think, without a doubt  are unknowlingly a part of this."

Corporal Jerry Neufeld says Amarillo Police deal with at least one scam a day, including one over the weekend. 

California Police say an elderly woman on the west cost wired a large amount of money to a victim in southwest Amarillo, thinking she was sending money to help her grand child get out of jail in Mexico.

Neufeld tells us, "they were using her to repackage this and send it on, kind of distancing themselves a little more, making it a little bit more difficult for us track down. And then eventually that money would have made it back into their hands."

Local officers went to the 70 year old victim's house and asked her what happened.

She says she was contacted by someone she thought was a federal officer, and the man told her she won $10 million in a foreign lottery.  

She was told she needed to accept the large sum of money, then mail it to an Oklahoma address, and then the scammers told her she would get her money.

Luckily this women didn't lose any money in this particular case.

But it doesn't always end that way.

Neufeld tells us, "the best advice that we can give people is do some really really in depth  research on your own before you believe whatever that caller ID says or what that person says."

He says a lot of the time elderly people tend to be targets because many are lonely and are just looking for someone to talk to.

Neufeld tells us this isn't the first time something like this has happened to the 70 year old victim.

He says she has lost tens of thousands of dollars over the past couple years to other types of scams.  

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