A Music Festival to Restore History

- It's festival time in Old Mobeetie!

Some traveled hundreds of miles to catch the show.

"She loves bluegrass music.  She's hooked me on it and we've just been having a super time here today."

"We love the people. They're the best people in the world here. Mobeetie is definitely one of the best. "

She may be from Kansas, and 87 years old, but she and her daughter Phyllis couldn't miss the three day festival.

There are 6 bands, including a couple local musicians.  Bluegrass, gospel, country, and western swing, this festival has a broad range for all ears,.

The Old Mobeetie Texas Music Festival has been going on for more than 30 years, and the bands hit the stage for more than just a good weekend of music.

Festival Coordinator Gina Seitz says, "in 1972 some people got together and decided we needed to restore the old jail.  so they formed the Old Mobeetie Texas Association and the Mobeetie Jail Museum.  The music festival is the major fundraiser for the museum."

Seitz says all the money brought in will be used to keep the Mobeetie Jail Museum going.

We talked to some who have been camping at the festival all week.

"I come down and help work on it and support it.   I went to school at this old grade school, so it means a lot to us."

The main goal of the Old Mobeetie Texas Music Festival may be to raise money to restore history, but Seitz says bringing people together from all over the country isn't bad either.

"People come down to hear the music, and just enjoy the good times together."

There was also a concession stand at the festival to raise money for equipment for Mobeetie volunteer firefighters.

Here's something  you may not know.  Those in town say Mobeetie is the first city established in the Texas Panhandle.

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