A Mother Found Dead in Shamrock

A young woman is found dead, and her two week old baby girl goes missing in Wheeler County.

It happened at a house in Shamrock on the night of December 23.

Trooper Daniel Hawthorne says, "the dispatch at Shamrock received a 911 call indicating that a female adult was needing medical assistance.  "

Just before 7:30 p. m. police found the body of 23 year old Leslie Perez at her home on the 1000 block of North Texas in Shamrock.

Her baby was missing.

Texas Rangers were called and trooper Hawthorne says the investigation began.

He tells us, "the vehicle that was at their house earlier was identified by a neighbor, a description was given."

About an hour later police pulled over a car matching that description and found 31 year old Adriana Lisa Perez, along with the two week old who wasn't hurt.

Hawthorne says without help from the community the suspect could still be at large, and the new born baby still missing.

"A lot of great things came together in one instance with the neighbors being very aware and paying attention and the deputy sheriff out there doing his job," says Hawthorne.

As of right now, Adriana Lisa Perez is being held on a charge unrelated to the murder investigation and hasn't formally been charged.

But, investigators say she is the only suspect in the case.

Troopers say they still aren't sure what led to the murder, and they haven't said if the women are related.

If you have any information contact Texas Rangers, Shamrock Police, or the Wheeler County Sheriff's Office.

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