A Community Comes Together to Rebuild

It's been seven weeks since a wildfire burned in Hutchinson County, and many are still without a home.

But with help from the community, and even support from local businesses, some residents tell us it all comes down to help and a little bit of hope.

Jim Campsey says, "we need help.  We need it in the worst way out here."

Don Blythe says, "well we had a three bedroom brick home, with a metal roof and a cement retaining wall.  I thought there's no way a fire would ever destroy it. "We're living in a fifth wheel right now."

Chris Ellison says, "other than cramped and a little claustrophobic, but i'm still here."

More than 200 homes were ruined as a wildfire burned through parts of Hutchinson County.

We caught up with some people from Fritch who say losing everything is a little easier when a community offers a helping hand.

Campsey says, "the people of Fritch have helped us so much."

He tells us can't go a day without seeing people helping pick up yards, and offer their help and support.

But now, it's not just volunteers. 

Elizabeth Hauge, Co-founder of In Search of Shelter says, "we are going to be using a lot of our other co-founders and contacts in the construction business to be finding the materials and the workers to try to get these houses rebuilt for a little to nothing."

She says they have connections with several local contractors who are more than willing to help rebuild these homes.

Dusty Daniels says, "Josh needed a home, I didn't want to put him in a trailer.  It's a safety hazard for him.

Motivated by Josh, Dusty Daniels created 2 organizations, Adopt a Square Foot, where you can either submit donations or donate money to help in the building process, and another group called Operation Rebuild.

Daniels tells us there businesses from all over Texas and some even in Arizona that are reaching out to help.

Blythe says, "this community, I mean I've seen people help beyond belief, I mean really."

Ellison tells us, "we're stronger.  We're Texans of course.  So, just keep moving forward, head up.  We've got this."

After visiting Frtich, a popular phrase around town is "no fire survivor will be homeless."

With all of the help from the community and these different builders, it seems like that saying Will hold true.

Becky Prather with the First Assembly of Fritch tells us, some local electricians are donating labor to those in need, and Dealer's Electrical in Borger is offering a discount.

For more information on Operation Rebuild and Adopt a Square Foot, and ways you can help out click here.

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