70th Annual Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Rodeo

The stands were packed out at boys ranch for the 70th annual Cal Farely's Boys Ranch Rodeo.

They came to cheer for the kids who came to ride.

It's been 70 years since Cal Farley started the first rodeo, allowing the students to show off their skills.

Madison Podhajsky says, "i'm doing senior calf riding."

Devin McGuire says, "i'm doing junior roping and steers."

Senior Administrator for residency programming Michelle Maikoetter says, " a lot of our kids come from all over the country and they've never seen an animal before.. a steer or a horse.. they come out here and they learn new things.  Then they come out here and the people in the community are able to see everything that they've been working on for the whole year or however long they've been here."

Madison says, "where the crowd is out there just watching, one specific thing out there and i'm just proud of it."

This is Madison's second rodeo and she tells us she's excited that her family was able to come out and cheer her on..

Devin says,"seeing my mom come out here and see me do my events and just support me."

Maikoetter tells us most kids say the rodeo is the most exciting time of the year for them.

Everybody has a job at the rodeo, and MaIkoetter says it's  a great way to bring everyone together and showcase what they've been working so hard on for the past year.

Devin says, "it helps everybody communicate with each other and some events you work as a team."

A former boys rancher and our very own Andy Justus was out at the rodeo, cheering on the kids.

Maikoetter says, " they get so excited to come out here and see all the people that cheer for them and all the people that write them letters of encouragement.  They're just amazed that that many people know that they're here and care that they're here."

Maikoetter tells us the rodeo wouldn't happen without all the support from our community, several corporate sponsors as well as just fans cheering on the kids.

She says it's not just the financial support, but notes of encouragement to the young rodeoers that keeps them going each year.

If you couldn't make it out to the rodeo today, it lasts through tomorrow.

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