67 Year Anniversary of White Deer/Glazier/Higgins Tornado

By Karl Wehmhoener | kwehmhoener@kamr.com

Published 04/09 2014 12:43PM

Updated 04/09 2014 12:43PM

AMARILLO -- It is the 67th year anniversary of the White Deer/Glazier/Higgins Tornado.

The tornado completely destroyed the town of Glazier and nearly destroyed Higgins. 

It was responsible for 68 panhandle deaths, 272 injuries, $1.5 million in damage. 

It is the only documented F5 tornado in the panhandles. 
It was reported as being 1 to 2 miles wide at times along its path. 

The tornado or a family of tornadoes remained on ground for 5 hours, 20 minutes on a path from White Deer, TX to St. Leo, KS.

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