3rd Annual Junior Achievement Awareness Breakfast Kicks Off National Financial Literacy Month

AMARILLO -- Junior Achievement of the High Plains is sponsored the third annual Junior Achievement Awareness Breakfast earlier this morning. 

This is their largest fundraiser of the year, and an opportunity for JA supporters to get the latest information on the accomplishments over the past year.

National Financial Literacy Month was established to teach Americans how to establish and maintain healthy financial habits. 
Junior Achievement has worked in Amarillo and surrounding schools since 2008, and in this school year, expects to serve 164 classes with over 3,000 students.    

Teresa Hillman, Executive Director of Junior Achievement of the High Plains, said, "The JA Awareness Breakfast is designed to help inform our community of the good our programs are doing in educating our youth on the importance of  financial responsibility, career opportunities and what to expect in the workforce. These students we are teaching will be joining our community workforce in the future and possibly be community leaders. Its imperative they have the skills necessary to navigate through the economic waters whatever they may be at the time."

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