20th Anniversary of the Oprah Winfrey Trial in Amarillo

AMARILLO - While the queen of talk is making headlines this week as a possible presidential candidate, this month also marks the 20th anniversary of the famous Oprah Winfrey trial in Amarillo.

For six weeks, the eyes of the nation were on the Texas Panhandle as Oprah defended herself in a battle with the cattle industry.

She was being sued for $10 million for allegedly disparaging the beef industry on her talk show two years earlier.

Declaring the show must go on, Oprah taped her show here in Amarillo during the trial.

That brought big names to town like Maya Angelou, Oliver Stone, and John Travolta.

A federal jury eventually ruled unanimously in Oprah's favor. She claimed all along she had a right to speak her mind.

On the show where she made her remarks, she stated she had just eaten her last burger when she found out about the threat of mad cow disease.

It is widely believed by those in the cattle industry that those remarks led to a downturn in cattle prices.

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