2014 Y Cup

Companies from all over town will be showing off their skills all week, and August 3rd, it started on the basketball court.

It was day one of the 2014 Y Cup, and all the players came ready to win.

Y Cup Basketball Tournament Co-Chair Preston Fowler says, "today we are doing the first event of our Y Cup, which is a multip sport event.  We put companies doing multiple things against each other. This is actually the first day.  This is our 3 on 3 basketball tournament.  We've got 56 teams out here and they're just going for it.  "

This is how the Y Cup works, the teams get points for how well they do in each event.

There's basketball of course, volleyball, tug of war and a 5k just to name a few.

Whoever gets the most points by the end of the cup wins.

Fowler says, "these are teams from all around Amarillo.  Any company that showed up, they can have as many teams as they want.  They can compete in any number of events."

Fowler tells us the Y Cup is an annual event, and in his four years of being a part of it, the community stands strong behind it.

"We've got volunteers form all of the companies, mostly people who just stopped by.  We've got a lot of great volunteers here at the y, some board members and just people from the community."

The Y Cup is the largest fundraising event of the year for the YMCA.

Affiliated Foods were the Y Cup champions last year.

Fowler says winning gives the company a reward for not only hard work, but also bragging rights.

Fore more on the Y Cup, a list of activities  and how to volunteer, head over to 

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