2014 Kids in Business

They may be years shy of a driver's license, but many local kids are getting ready to enter the business world.

11 year old Annsleigh Mccraw says, "today is kids in business.  It's where kids take stuff that they've made at home and they put it out to sell it and they keep the profit."

Kids in Business out at Westgate Mall is a chance to encourage kids 6 to 15 to learn about business and have fun while running their own business.

This is McCraw's third year being a part of the event.

She and her sister tell us they've worked hard to make all these necklaces to sell, and with the money they make, they're buying school suppiles.

Since they're getting such an early start in the business world, we asked a few "entrepreneurs" what they want to be when they grow up.

McCraw says, "I want to be a fashion designer."

Weston Hart says, "I want to be a cowboy and I want to own my grandpa's ranch and pass it down from generations to generations  "

Beckam Smith says, "I want to be an NFL football player or a herpetologist"

Hart says, "here I have Cowpa chocolate chip cookies, I named that after my grandpa.  I've got my millionaire cowboy cookies, they've got chocolate chip, pecans, and caramel."

The kids have a chance to manufacture something, offer a service, or sell a product bought from a wholesaler.

Carson Key says, "it teaches kids how to spend their money wisely and be able to earn money more."

Key tells us it has been a lot of hard work, but the hard work certainly will pay off now and in the future.

Key tells us, "it's been challenging but once you get started you get the hang of it." 

Smith says, "it's really rewarding."

All of the business men and women  had to earn their spot.

Event coordinators tell us they were interviewed and chosen on the basis of their business plan.

If you know a youngster interested in learning about the business world, call 806-358-7221, ext. 104 for more information and how to sign up for the next kids in business.

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