2014 Cannon Air Force Base Air Show

Cannon Air Force Base is opening is gates for thousands of people to come see a show.

Aircrafts of all kinds took to the sky, including the Thunderbirds to not only put on a show, but to pay tribute to those we've lost.

"Happy Memorial Day!  We support the troops. "

Thousands headed out to Cannon Air Force Base for the air show.

It's all part of the 2014 open house.

"I came here because I just want to have fun and see the big airplane."

The US Air Force Thunderbirds are back at the base for the first time since 2006.

But before their headlining performance, there was a lot of reasons to have all eyes on the sky.

To start the day, the Wings of Blue Air Force Academy Parachute Teams put on quite a show for the viewers.

Lieutenant Colonel Davd Fujimoto says, "after that we put on a capability demonstration, which showed the way special ops air power is executed down range in the combat zone."

Fujimoto says the air show is full of several different aircrafts, including modern fighter and bomber aircrafts.

He says, "basically what we have is a lot of war birds.  We have aircraft that were flown back in WWII, up through Korea, Vietnam War, all the way through modern day. We have all of our aircraft.  We fly 9 different types of aircraft at Cannon Airforce Base on display hear."

This is the biggest crowd the show has seen in 25 years.

Fujimoto says the phenomenal support from Portales, Clovis, and the high plains community helps make days like today a success.

"What a better weekend to connect with the public when we are going to honor the sacrifice of all of those  who have worn a uniform before us," he says.

The Thunderbirds put on two performances dedicated to the Gold Star families.

These are parents, grandparents, children and all family members who have lost a loved one representing our country

If you couldn't make it to the open house May 24, gates will open at 8 a.m. on May 25.

The Thunderbirds will be back, too.

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