2 Amarillo Men Arrested in Meth Ring Bust in Odessa

- ODESSA, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - Federal agents and local officers busted an elaborate meth ring Thursday morning. Twenty nine people sit behind bars, accused of selling the drugs in the Permian Basin. Authorities also seized more than 11 pounds of meth in the bust.

"Agents were able to identify 32 people in the Odessa area, who were involved in this distribution ring," says U.S. Drug Enforcement Agent Will Glaspy.

Authorities say Shawn Niece of Odessa lead the meth ring, and that criminals shipped the meth into Odessa right alongside the rest of people's mail. 

"One of the methods they were using was Fedex, UPS, and transportation or shipping companies to mail their methanphetomine to the Odessa area," explained Glaspy.

Authorities say these nine fugitives are on the run:

Omar Addimm Hensley, 23 -- Las Vegas, NV 
James Louis Crutcher (aka Seven), 28 -- San Diego, CA 
Abrea Ebony Ponce, 20 -- San Diego, CA 
Dionna Nadine Horton, 23 -- San Diego, CA
J. Weslee Dan Harless, 36 -- Odessa
Joshua Lynn Merritt, 32 -- Odessa
Angelee Danielle Daniels, 32 -- Odessa 
Dylan James Holloway, 22 -- Odessa 
Kaycie Ray Lewis, 27 -- Odessa

Here is a list of people who authorities arrested Thursday:

Jonathan Leelind Hensley (aka GG) 26 Las Vegas, NV
Shawn Allen Niece, 41 -- Odessa
Shonda Tennille Crosson, 37 -- Odessa
Christina Gayle Collier, 26 -- Odessa 
Jarrett Tate Fuller, 34 -- Amarillo
Jason Mac Rendon, 37 -- Amarillo
David Lane McGill (aka Doughboy), 31 -- Odessa
Dustin Alan Richey, 23 -- Odessa
Sean David Luna, 34  --Odessa 
Gabriel Coca, 22 -- Odessa 
Annette Jessica Brown, 31 -- Odessa
Manuel Urbina, 35 -- Odessa
Cristopher Jedidiah Perdue, 29 -- Odessa 
Erica Marie Mitchell, 33 -- Odessa, TX 
Brandy Leeann Zaliauskas (aka Brandy Leeann Carson), 39 -- Midland
Charles Eugene Anderson, Jr., 30 -- Odessa

Here's a list of people who authorities say are already in custody:

Michael James Brewer (aka Levi), 43 -- Odessa 
Phillip Ray Powell, 24 -- Odessa
Joseph Ray Collier, 33 -- Odessa 
Trey Matthew Lopez, 23 -- Odessa 
Raymond Earl Mims, 43 -- Odessa 
Clyde Smith, Jr., 54 -- Odessa 
Walter Simes, 31 -- Odessa 
Cheryl Tolbert, 34 -- Odessa

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