Tucumcari Recall Election Tonight

- TUCUMCARI --  Voters in tucumcari have cast their ballots for a recall election involving two commissioners seats.
    You will remember, commissioners in two districts were subjected to recall elections in November.
    For district one, 42-people voted for the recall while 49 were against.
    That means Dora Salinas-Mctigue will keep her seat.
    And in district two, 60-people are for the recall, while 50 were against, which means Jimmy Sandoval's seat will become vacant.
TUCUMCARI -- Voters in Tucumcari still have some time to cast their ballots in a recall election.

You'll remember, commissioners in two districts were recalled in November: Dora Salinas-McTigue in district one and Jimmy Sandoval in district two.

Voting lasts until 7 p.m. mountain time.

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