Texas Tech Releases Survey on Texas Political Stance

LUBBOCK -- Some new numbers released today from a new Texas Tech  survey showing some very interesting findings about where Texans stand politically on issues like gay marriage, immigration and who will be the next Governor of Texas.

"The data, it definitely spoke for what we found," says  Cole McNiel is a political science major at Texas Tech. 
For the last month and a half, he and his class has been calling 454 Texans, asking them where they stand on some big political issues. 

Their professor Mark McKenzie says the findings help the students but also show some big insight to the way Texans are leaning. 

"It was interesting to see that in across all parties while support for allowing immigrant here that are undocumented to apply for citizenship," says McKenzie.  

Polls for immigration showed more than half of Texans are in favor to finding a way for illegal immigrants to get citizenship.

Other students reported numbers for gay marriage in Texas. Numbers show the issue is almost evenly split; 48 percent in favor, 47 opposed and 5 percent unsure. 

When it comes to the governor race, according to the survey-- Greg Abbott is ahead by almost half the count Wendy Davis holds. 

"Wendy Davis is not getting any traction right now in terms of her campaign... If the election were held today, I think Greg Abbott would be the winner," says McKenzie.  

How much would he win by? Gregg abbott: 54 percent. Wendy Davis: 25 percent. 

"That definitely speaks volumes because its a number that you can't just ignore, you can't just ignore and let them slip trough the cracks," says McNiel.  

The idea of it all was to give these students some first hand knowledge of where Texans are leaning with their politics. 
And ultimately what we could be seeing come elections. 

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