State Proposition 6 Provides Water Fund

AUSTIN -- There are nine constitutional amendments for Texas. Prop 6 allows for the creation of a State Water Implementation Fund. Money from the Rainy Day Fund will be set aside for water projects for growing cities. With the population of Texas growing, the water supply will have to keep up and current estimates do not.

With severe drought conditions for the last few years, making sure there's plenty of water is the challenge.

The Water Implementation Fund would loan out money to cities and counties to use toward water projects. Those loans will be low-interest and would be paid right back to the state. This fund will not give out grants, however, so it will be replenished after time.

The water projects that will be financed have to come from the State's Water Plan, which was implemented at the beginning of 2012.

State Representative Four Price co-authored the bill in the Texas house, this year.

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