New Mexico Holds Local Elections

CLOVIS -- New Mexico held local elections last night. 
In Clovis, Kyle Snider won district 1 310 to Max Best 89 votes. Kenneth Urban ran unopposed in District 2. 
In Grady, Bill Page won Position 3 against Emory Jones and Leona Powell. Phillip Borden won Position 4 against Alva Wilson and Emory Jones. 
In Melrose, Tyler Belcher beat Chase Roberts for Position 4. Jay Draper ran unopposed for Position 5. 
In Texico, Duwain Hill ran unopposed for Position 4 adn Justin Barnes ran unopposed for Position 5. A capital improvement tax was approved 33 to 5. 
In Tucumcari, a tax mill levy was approved by a vote of 158 to 51. Christopher Burch ran unopposed for District 2 and Leif E. Gray ran unopposed for District 3. 
In Logan, Bryan Roach ran unopposed for Position 4. Bill Combs lost to William Osborn for Position 2. Thomas Humble beat Larry Weeb for Position 5.
In Portales, Allen Garret ran unopposed for Position 3. Antonio Sanchez Jr. beat Kathleen Cooper for Position 4. 

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