New Candidates for Potter County Judge

The race for Potter County judge has gone from two candidates, to five.

We have some information on the new faces in the running for one of the most talked about positions in the 20-4 elections.

"Today i'm announcing my candidacy for Potter County Judge. "
"I decided to run for the Potter County Judge."

Bill Bandy, William Sumerford and Jeff Poindexter will be joining Nancy Tanner and Debra McCartt in the race for Potter County Judge.

Poindexter works for the city of Amarillo.

Bandy is a farmer and businessman who says he's a good fit because of his leadership skills and has worked for years in the financial industry. 

He says, "I have a lot of experience in business.  I've worked on the state level in politics."

William Sumerford is an Amarillo Tea Party Patriot.

You'll remember, in April of this year, Sumerford was behind a petition to overturn the city's drainage fees.

"I have led the tax frees for the elderly and disables, so I know how to unify people," says Sumerford.

All candidates agree that they want to do what's best for the citizens of Potter County.

Sumerford says, "I want to use tax payer money wisely and I want to do as much as I can to give potter county citizens value for their government."

Bandy says, "I look forward to working with the citizens of Potter County and leading the county as the county judge."

Judge Arthur Ware has been the Potter County Judge since 1990.

He announced his retirement earlier this year.

Nancy Tanner was Judge Ware's administrative assistant for 20 years, until she was fired from that position this year.

Debra McCartt, you'll remember, was Amarillo's mayor from 2005-2011. 

The primary is March 4, nd if there is a runoff which it looks like there will be, it will be May 27.

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