Must Have Photo ID to Vote

- AMARILLO -- This will be the first year that the state of Texas requires photo ID for people who want to vote. Because of that, the Texas Secretary of State was in Amarillo Tuesday. 

We are one of the stops on his tour across Texas to explain the new requirements.

There are seven forms of ID that will be accepted:
* Driver's license
* Government-issued ID
* Citizen ID card
* Military ID
* Passport
* You can request a special election ID card

"A decision came down from the U.S. Supreme Court, and now photo ID is the law in Texas. So, I'm not paying much attention to the litigation or what have you, I'm just focusing on making sure that people know about photo ID and that they're ready on election day," said Texas Secretary of State John Steen.

He went on to say no one will be turned away at the polls.

If you don't have the proper ID, you can vote provisionally. Then you have six days to provide a form of ID.

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