Elaine Hays Announces Plans for Mobile Office if Elected

AMARILLO -- Elaine Hays, Congressional candidate, is announcing her plans for a mobile office that would travel the district if elected.

The 13th District of Texas encompasses more than 40,000 square miles and all or part of 41 counties, which make its one of the largest in the entire country.

"After traveling our district this past year, its clearly evident that our rural communities are feeling ignored," said Hays. "I've heard the same story multiple times from many people, that they can't remember the last time theyve been able to speak to their Representative in person."

"The size of our district certainly presents some logistical challenges," said Hays. "But, I believe I have a solution to this problem. If elected, I am planning to establish a mobile office that would travel the entire district."

"I want the Texans I represent to have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with either me or members of my staff," added Hays. "Those who visit the mobile office will be able to discuss legislation, ask questions, request assistance or voice their concerns."

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