Ditching Red and Blue: The Increasingly Independent America

The latest Gallup Poll shows that 42 percent of Americans called themselves independent in 2013, not Republicans or Democrats but independents.

That's the highest percentage of self-identified independents since Gallup began doing phone interviews 25 years ago.

Also, according to the poll, the increasing shift seems to be coming at the expense of the Republican party because the number of people who called themselves Republicans in 2013 was also down to its lowest point, only 25 percent.

And that is also the lowest it's been in the 25 years that Gallup has been calling people.

People who identify Ddemocrats held steady over the last four years, at 31 percent but that number overall is down from 2008 when 36 percent of Americans identified as Democrats.

And, according to the poll when the government shutdown happened in October the number of Americans who called themselves independents during the last quarter of 2013 was at 46 percent, also a record.

Now, keep in mind, it's not uncommon to see the number of independents rise in a non-election year but the trends do show it is steadily rising.

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