CRMWA Pipeline Could Use Water Fund Money

AMARILLO -- State Proposition 6 passed last night, with 73% of the vote. 

The passage allows for a constitutional amendment to create the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas. From that money, loans will be given out to cities around the state to finance their water projects. State Representative Four Price co-authored the bill that led to the proposition.

Part of that money may come to the Panhandle. Currently, the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority is surveying and researching right-of-way for the land where a new pipeline may be built.

The member cities of CRMWA, had approved this step of the process last year, but the construction step is still up in the air. So is the decision to use the state's money.

"It's just not clear at this point whether we would use those funds or not. I suspect we'll certainly look at it carefully, just which ever is the most financially beneficial for the member cities is the way we'll go," said Kent Satterwhite, CRMWA's General Manager.

The project, informaly dubbed, CRMWA 2, is designed to double our groundwater capacity, which is a dream that most across the High Plains would love to see come to life. Considering the drought's short term and long term effects on the area, any effort at conservation is welcome.

Though this early step will take some time to complete, Satterwhite said that the main construction would take 2 to 3 years. The cost of the this preliminary work is about $7 million, which came out of the previous budget. The price tag for the main show is between $200 million and $300 million.

Representative Four Price told us that the interest in state money for water programs is there.

"So, we had a lot of help from communities across the state who came to tell us, you know, how they could help implement different projects and what that would look like long term," said Representative Price.

Satterwhite also told us the member cities haven't come to the point of approving the rest of CRMWA 2 just yet, but the state loans from Prop 6 will be a good financial option.

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