Kelly James

Kelly is a 30-year veteran of Amarillo media.
He started his broadcasting career at then West Texas State University before moving to Amarillo College. 
Kelly has worked for every TV station in Amarillo, including the PBS station.
He started as a camera operator at KAMR Local 4 News in 1986.  At the same time, he was the overnight DJ for a classic rock station and music director for the Amarillo College radio station FM90.
Kelly's on camera TV career also began at AC.  He was the host of KACVideos from 1991 - 1995.
He moved to weekend sports anchor and reporter for one of the Amarillo commercial TV stations in 1995.
He remained in that position until he was presented with a bigger and better challenge at KAMR Local 4 News in 2000. Kelly was the weekend news anchor/reporter for less than a year.  In March 2001, he became one of the main anchors of the Fox 14 News at 9:00.  
Though Kelly's dream had been to do sports in Amarillo, he was hooked on news.
He was the anchor of the Fox 14 News until January of 2005.  Part of that time he also moonlighted as the News Director of 100.9 The Eagle radio station.
Kelly left KAMR Local 4 News and Fox 14 News in 2005 to work in radio full time.
He eventually was named News Director of KGNC Talk Radio in 2007 where he was responsible, not only for the news content of the radio station, but he also hosted a one hour talk show.
In late 2011, Kelly heard the calling of TV once again.  "I couldn't deprive the people of the Panhandle of seeing my face any longer,"  Kelly said.
He returned to Fox 14 News in November of that year, also reporting for KAMR Local 4 News.
Kelly was named Executive Producer in 2014 to go along with his reporting and anchoring duties.
Kelly is a Canyon High School graduate and can frequently be heard talking about how great the school's girl's basketball team is. Though, they don't need his help -- everyone already knows.
While working for KGNC, Kelly met his wife Lori. He actually hired Lori as a part-time news reporter and anchor for the radio station.  But he managed to fend her off until he was no longer her boss!
A few interesting facts about Kelly:
  • He's personally spoken to and touched two different U.S. Presidents (Bill Clinton and George W. Bush).
  • He met President Bush before he became President in 1992 while he was campaigning for his father's re-election campaign.
  • Kelly was a photographer wearing a Texas Rangers shirt when Bush told him he liked his shirt (Bush owned the baseball team at the time) during a stop in Dumas.
  • Kelly calls himself a presidential advisor for what he told Bush that day. Though he is the only one who can confirm this, Kelly claims he told Bush he needed more pitching -- not hard to believe if you know how bad the Rangers' pitching was at the time.
  • Kelly's second meeting with presidential fame came in 2008 when former President Bill Clinton came to Amarillo to campaign for his wife Hillary.  He touched Clinton's hand, but didn't speak with him until days later when he received a call from Clinton while at KGNC.
  • Clinton had called Kelly to get in one more reminder about the Texas Primary and urging residents to vote for Hillary.
  • Kelly's an avid Dallas Cowboys fan and has actually seen one of their Super Bowl wins in person (SB XXX in Phoenix).
He and Lori have three dogs:  Indiana, Sophie and Annie.  
When he's not totally boring you with his life and accomplishments, Kelly likes to remind people how awesome he is at fantasy football.

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