Teacher of the Month: Shannon Mashburn


"I am thankful for my theatre teacher," says Elva Chavez.
A time to give thanks for those that have made a difference in our lives.
Mrs. Mashburn, Palo Durio High School's Theatre teacher, goes the extra mile by encouraging her students to act on their dreams. 
"My favorite part of teaching is building relationships with the students, getting to joke around with them and just building that one on one relationship that makes everything truly worth it. I've always wanted to go into education. I've always liked teenagers."
For one theatre student, Kayla Poole, Mrs. Mashburn's class is more than an elective for her.
"She takes her lessons and explains them in so many different ways. If you don't understand a concept, she'll figure out a new way to explain it. She puts different kind of cultures in and she makes it herself."
"I am thankful for Mrs. Mashburn and my education that I'm getting because not everybody to get this and my family."

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