Teacher of the Month: Ronna Riffe

A journey to the north where the home of the elks is buzzing with students.
"I was in college and I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, but anyway, in the process of going to school I decided that I needed to head towards the educational field. I hanged my major and never looked back." Mrs. Ronna Riffe, KAMR NBC 4 Teacher of the Month, believes that all of her students have the potential to reach their goals, and pushes them past their comfort zones to become the best that they can be. "My favorite part about teaching is watching my kids succeed, mostly when they're on the stage or in a debate round, and there's just that sense of accomplishment and success that they put something together and worked hard. Our competition season is underway and we hope to have great success academically this year in our theater department. I just enjoy watching my kids complete their semester of speech or whatever it is and walk across the stage at the end of four years and start achieving their dreams."
For one senior at Stratford High School Mrs. Riffe has played a starring role in her journey. "I love Mrs. Riffe. She is a great teacher and a great role model. I've had one of her classes for the past four years and she's just so inspirational and so motivational, and she's always trying to get students to do the best that they can," explains senior Mary Ann Spurlock.
It shows that Mrs. Riffe truly cares about her students when it comes to getting them involved outside the classroom. "She's awesome and I love the way that she heads all of the UIL events, one act play. She has so much on her plate and she still continues to do it every year and it's just really neat."
A closing act that Mrs. Riffe will surely remember. 


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