Teacher of the Month: Ms. Barnes

- They have visions of summer break in sight.

"Well, I know I'm gonna sleep late." third grader Kylie Burgoon said

"Maybe go swimming and have sleepovers," third grader Kyler Burgoon added.

Before their summers get underway, Kyler and Kylie had one last thing to do before wrapping up their third grade years-- a special surprise for their teacher.

"Ms. Barnes is the KAMR NBC 4 Teacher of the Month,"  Meaghan Collier said.

 Ms. Barnes has taught for 14 years.  That's a long legacy of admiring students.

"She is a great teacher," Kylie said.  "She helps us when we're struggling."

"Does it get easier and easier and better and better?" we asked.

 "I don't know about easier, but it does get better and better,"  Brooke Barnes said.

On this eve of summer break, though, emotions are varied for Ms. Barnes as she reflects on her impact this year.

"Making a difference in the kids lives and just-- I feel like they become my own throughout the year, and it makes me sad to see them leave," Ms. Barnes said.  "I have to not think about it.  I'm excited to see them grow up and become fourth graders.  At least I get to see them in the hall next year."

They may be moving on, but for these kids, third grade will be a tough act to follow.

"Do you think your fourth grade teacher has any shot at being as good as Ms. Barnes?" we asked.

"No way," the Burgoon sisters said.

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