City of Canyon Looking to Conserve More Water

CANYON - Water conservation efforts are starting in the City of Canyon as drought conditions and maintenance work continues.

Canyon implemented the first stage of their drought contingency plan several years ago.

Randy Criswell, the Canyon City Manager says city officials decided to move up to stage two because of current conditions.

"We are in a severe drought again with no end in sight, warm weather is coming you know we are going to see temperatures this week that are going to make people want to start pouring the water to the grass."

Along with the ongoing drought conditions, the city is also currently without one of their water tanks.

"The wildcard in all of this for us is the fact that one of our elevated storage tanks, our largest elevated storage tank is actually undergoing some rehabilitation, they are doing some sandblasting and coating on that tank," added Criswell.

Part of phase two does include watering restrictions for residents.

"It requires some even, odd watering days. You get to water three days a week," said Criswell. 

Criswell says even numbers houses will water every other day. 

Odd houses will water the opposite days.

Then there will be a day of no watering.

"I hope folks will understand and they will be happy to comply," said Criswell.

Criswell hopes these changes will help get people in the mindset of conserving water as the dry conditions continue.

He says they could rescind stage two once maintenance is finished on the tank.

That should be done sometime this spring.

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